The results

Well our week of doctors appointments went really well. We had the hearing test and both girls passed in both ears! The girls had to be asleep or motionless and Liana completely surprised me. After she ate her bottle she fell asleep really fast and it only took the audiologist 5-10 minutes to check her hearing (they block out a 2 hour time slot for each patient). Adleigh was a little squirmy but it only took about 30 minutes for her hearing test.

I also got news back from Adleigh's pediatrician that all of her test results came back looking good. She is still slightly anemic, but that is going in the right direction. Her liver levels are still elevated, but coming down nicely and her bili is still a little high but it is half of what it used to be. Thank you for all of your prayers for her. Her jaundice is finally showing signs of going away and she doesn't look like a bronze beach baby as much anymore.

Liana went to her neurosurgeon and they just checked her head circumference and soft spot and said everything looked great. She will have another cranial ultrasound in 4 weeks. And then we will finally see the neurosurgeon in January.

Last but not least, we went to the pediatrician and the girls got their second RSV shot and got weighed. Adleigh pushed ahead slightly. She weighed 10 lbs exactly!!! And then Liana was an ounce less at 9 lbs 15 ozs. What am I feeding these girls?

And I leave you with some of the most beautiful eyelashes you have ever seen.




Anonymous said...

What lucky little girls to have eyelashes like that!!! Every Girls dream!!! They are beautiful! Congrats on the great Drs. visits!

Becky said...


muffintop said...

Wow. Those pictures are amazing! I love super-close-up detailed shots like that. So precious and amazing, the tiniest details that God knit together in each of those girls.

Sara P.B. said...

Praise the Lord for such wonderful progress! Couldn't you just kiss those little button noses forever?! Love yall!

Danielle said...

Your little girls are amazing. It makes me laugh that you took pictures of their eyelashes. I thought I was the only "weird mom" that did that. Beautiful girls.