ASD, casts, and ostomy bags

The next few weeks and months are going to be pretty crazy at our house and I wanted to let those of you that have been praying for us to know specific things you can continue to pray for. We have significant prayer requests for each one of our children so I am going to break it up by child.

Adleigh: She has had an ASD (hole in her heart) since birth that we were hoping to close on its own, but it is still open. This hole doesn't cause her any problems now but if left untreated she would have significant heart problems as a young adult. She has a surgery scheduled Jan 31st to repair the hole. The doctors will go through a vein with the device to implant it in her heart so our hospital stay will only be overnight. Adleigh gets very anxious about medical stuff so pray for the surgery and recovery to go well and pray for wisdom on how to talk to her about the upcoming surgery.

Liana: Most of you know that Liana has hemiplegia (weakness on her right side) which causes her to walk on her tiptoes. She wears a brace on her right foot but right now she cannot get her foot in a 90 degree position. Based on her orthopedist's recommendation,  in the next few weeks she will get 2 shots of Botox in her foot muscles and then wear a cast for 4 weeks to help stretch her muscles. She has been having a lot of foot pain so hopefully this will help have her foot in a position that is more comfortable for her. We are also in the process of changing some of her therapies so we have more freedom to do fun activities that she enjoys so pray for wisdom in that.

Sydney: We had Sydney's first Cystic Fibrosis clinic this month and everything looked great. We love our team of specialists and they all think Sydney is adorable. We received the results from her sweat test which also confirmed the CF diagnosis. Our goal is to continue to keep Sydney and her lungs as healthy as possible. We are praying that her symptoms as she grows will be nonexistent or mild and that there will be a cure during her lifetime. We also met with her surgeon about her upcoming intestinal surgery so we can get rid of her ostomy bag. The plan is to do that in March. That will be a 4-6 day hospital stay. Pray for this surgery to go well, quick healing, and no complications.

Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers! 

O Lord, you are my God!
I will exalt you in praise, I will extol your fame.
For you have done extraordinary things,
and executed plans made long ago exactly as you decreed. (Isaiah 25:1 NET)


His Grace Blogger said...

I remember praying for your miracle babies, what seems a long time ago now. It was always a real encouragement to read your wise words and to see your amazing faith in God for all your needs and its exactly the same reading your recent posts. Praying for you all.

Beth said...

Ferris, We have never met, but my family and I attend Elevation. I love how much you love Jesus! Your twitter post led me to this blog. Please count me as one who will be praying for you every day. I am anticipating only the best news and praising Him for the miracles He will continue to work in your lives.

Kristen said...

You are all in our prayers up here at the Buffalo Extension site. Praying for His Peace for all of you and Healing of your sweet daughters.