Eating prunes

Wow...how did I used to be so good at blogging and now I am miserable at it? Anyway, we are so close to it gettting warm and being out of RSV and flu season. The girls will get to make a public debut a few weeks from now! Wade and I are so excited to bring our little beauties out.

Right now the girls are talking even more (making a lot of ahhh sounds...Adleigh is starting to do some consonants). They are both rolling over like machines. Liana is still learning how to get from her stomach to her back, but she is doing pretty well.

The girls are almost done with trying stage 1 foods. Liana has become a master at it. We say she looks like a baby bird with how wide she will open her mouth for the food. Right now we are doing squash and she is loving it. Adleigh however isn't quite there yet. She has to hold the spoon in her hands before she will open her mouth so needless to say we don't get much food in her mouth. She is getting better though.

The two videos I am posting are of each girl eating some prunes. I think they are funny because it looks more like chocolate sauce. They are adorable! This way you can witness that Adleigh basically takes the spoon out of my hand to feed herself!


Colleen Corbett said...

your girls make me giddy!!

Cindy W. said...

The girls put a smile on my face this morning :) Too sweet. Enjoy b/c they grow up so fast.

Holly Furtick said...

Too cute! I have been waiting and waiting to see more of them!

Have you tried letting Adleigh hold her own spoon whi1le you have the other>

GE is me said...

I was just going to suggest what Holly said. Maybe even give her 2 spoons- 1 for each hand. They are sooo beautiful & such miracles. Will Liana ever get the shunt out?

Laurie said...

Also, may I suggest smaller spoons? Those are pretty big and may be the reason the girls spits so much out each time.
We use the metal Gerber spoons with the latex colours on the end and they seem to work much better for smaller mouths.
One other tip from one new mom to another: I add some cereal to the fruit to thicken it a little. The doctor told us for 1T of fruit we could add up to 1T of cereal to thicken it to a less runny consistency.
Best Wishes, Laurie

Nikrhithokay said...

My name is Kristy and I am a mum of 5 in Australia.
Adleigh is excactly like my little boy was just a few weeks ago, he would clamp his lips and gums together so tight I would hurt him if I tried to force the spoon in. But I kept trying every few days and finally at 6.5mths he decided he would give it a go and now there is no stopping him!
Another tip to add to the few you already have is to actually leave the spoon in their mouth and let them eat the food off it rather than 'dumping' the food in their mouths...does that make sense? Makes for alot less mess!! And helps them learn to chew.
Your little girls are so beautiful and i love reading about them, and as for your comment on why you have become so hopeless at blogging!!! Take a look at those 2 beautiful faces and that is your answer!!!

geisme said...

And to answer your question about being a "miserable" blogger- you have twins my dear, they take up twice your time. Especially at their age. :) Hope things are going well.