Right now

I have a little post coming up with my sweet niece, but I have to edit some video AGAIN! And I just can't make myself sit down and edit it yet. So I decided to end the 10 day (or something close to that) blog drought and just let you know what is going on right now.

1. Wade is still in the studio. Kind of. I mean today he isn't but he leaves tomorrow and will be there until Friday night.
2. On Thursday, I am going to visit my husband in Atlanta so we can spend Valentine's together and then hopefully Friday I can get to see what is going on at the studio with the guys.
3. Can I tell you how excited I was about yesterday! It was our church's 2 year anniversary and it was amazing. An awesome morning (a fantastic message from Pastor Furtick), 165 baptisms!!!!, and a off the chain worship night where our voices were recorded so they can go on the cd, that way it will have the energy of an Elevation worship experience.
4. I have been horrible about working out. I am starting to feel like a slug or something. The guys being at the studio has made my life a little less structured so I have just fallen off the workout wagon. But I am going to get back...I promise.
5. I am just really horrible at blogging right now. I hope that in the coming weeks it will get better, but right now I just don't have much to say. It is like torture trying to pull something out of my brain to write about. Oh well!

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mae said...

this is in response to point number 5 on this blog. you can write about this awesome girl named meagan. and how she is totally rad. (if ppl still use "rad" anymore.