The Christmas List

Wade and I are the couple that love Christmas but since we have been married we really haven't started any of our own family traditions. We did make our own Christmas ornaments for two years, but last year we ended up not doing that so there went our one tradition. So we decided this year to embrace the festive Christmas spirit and emerse ourselves in all its goodness. So right now we have two things on our list that must be done before Christmas.

Number one is a list of Christmas movies that we must watch before Christmas is over. The list is growing and right now we only have the Santa Clause trilogy and Polar Express. What other movies do you recommended to be added to our list?

Number two is that our fireplace has to be used at least one time. This is may not happen since we have a real fireplace and that means we have to go get wood and really start it and then who knows what we need to know about our chimney. So if this one doesn't happen I won't be too upset.

Then on my own (I guess this counts as three things) I want to make our home feel like Christmas. For previous years, if you weren't in the room with the Christmas tree then you wouldn't know it was Christmas at our house, but this year I want to embrace holiday hand towels and stock up on red and green candles and liven up the table with a christmas centerpiece.

So here is to Christmas and the need to go to the store and buy things to make it feel that way.


Rick said...

No Christmas movie list is complete without:
* Christmas Vacation
* A Christmas Story
* Die Hard

Lindsey said...

Hey Ferris! You absolutely must watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. Watching that has been such a long standing tradition in my family. And if you need an excuse, I'm having a viewing with several other Elevators Dec. 15. haha. Elf is a good one too.

Candice & Daniel said...

Hey there!

Daniel and I were just talking about having traditions during the holidays as well....I think we are going to copy the movie list idea...and be required to have hot chocolate with candy canes as stirrers.

We also like the idea of '5 Days of giving'. We want to take a week and give something away for five days to strangers or friends. We hope to carry this on for when we have children (MANY years from now)...

Nice thoughts! We will e-mail you soon with our thoughts about the fantastic logos!

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

hey ferris, i don't really know you, but i am a friend of laura troutman's. anyway, i have some good movie ideas, ready?

national lampoon's christmas vacation
white christmas (the bing crosby one)
it's a wonderful life (obviously)
miracle on 34th street
the grinch (cartoon)
charlie brown christmas
home alone 1&2
any of those slightly creepy claymation christmas things (rudolph or frosty the snowman, etc.)
the muppet's christmas carol

i apparently take christmas movies super seriously. as we all should.

i hope you enjoy your movie nights!

Terrie said...

Before your use the fireplace - open the flue. Buy a Duraflame log and enjoy - this is the quick and easy route.

The Preacher's Wife with Whitney Houston
The Family Man - Nicholas Cage
White Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life

There are lots of good ones made for TV -

Put a red or plaid tablecloth on your table with a candle - or Christmas placemats.