A logo on the side of the building

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to be part of Palmetto GBA's pie rally in order to celebrate their new brand look. What is interesting about all this is the fact that about a year ago Chris How (Palmetto GBA's web designer) and I worked on about 50 logos hoping one would get picked. As a graphic designer you think that the logo that will get picked will be the one you spent the most time on or that you were just really inspired with. But in this case the logo that was picked was my 11th hour logo. We actually had a meeting about which logos we would present to our company's president and one hour before that meeting I came up with my last logo and somehow everyone liked it.

Needless to say after about a year when they had the unveiling of the logo I was really excited. I have never had a logo that I designed roll off the side of a building. It was huge. I didn't bring my camera since I messed that up, but my boss George Nicholson had his and took some pictures of our design team.

(Chris How, George Nicholson, and me)

(The logo off the side of the building)

(Logo up close)


Eric said...

That's awesome Ferris! Looks really cool.

Anonymous said...

The colors you went with, another designer I know picked the same to re-do her bedroom at home. Great design minds think alike.

(P.S. I hope you're feeling better)

kelly said...

I meant to tell you this last night (but we got distracted by Austin) that this is awesome! I love the excitement on your face.